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Top 5 Best Open World Racing Games Like Forza Horizon 5 For Mobile

Rally Horizon 5 is an Android racing game. this is a mobile forza horizon game, you see similar features in rally horizon. Forza Horizon 5 is a high-end device racing game, a low-specification device that can not run smoothly, or play on PS or PC device. There is a game that supports Android gamers. We have shown you, what features are similar and what is the best racing game.

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Rally Horizon 5 For Android || 5 Best Games Like Forza Horizon For Mobile

Games list:-

Racemax pro

Ace racer


Rally harozon

Racemax Pro:-

The best open world racing game, this game covered drift, drag, street race. Free racing game for mobile, easy and high interest game for racing lovers. Let’s see what are the best features of the game.

It gives like a pro version Forza horizon 5 feeling, select top most brand vehicle, at the initial stage, you have limit access to drive care, accumulate coins and buy best vehicle and show your drive, use all skills on streets, be like street pro. Covered all locations and open world, roads, grass, buildings, champion, compition all elements added in this game. Download the game.

Ace Racer:-

Netease games, racing category, 1.5 GB. Latest version. Another racing game for Android like forza horizon, why are you think only forz harizon, according all features, the best racing game for high end device like pc, ps, but you can not run in Android, that’s why people created alternative, if you don’t know how to choose them, follow our demo and install best one and enjoy.

Download the game.

Drive.RS Open World Racing Game also reminds you, this open world racing game in your mobile, there many free racing games, but, to enjoy high graphics and story line racing like Forza horizon, install this game in your mobile, check here.


Rally Horizon

Forza Horizon is a high graphics game, not available in the play store, although you can play using a cloud gaming platform. if you can not afford and don’t have such a device, then you have another option which is a rally horizon for mobile. It’s free ad you see similar cars and locations.

Forza locations and environments are designed based on Mexico City places and also covered a wide range of terrains, including deserts, forests roads, coastal areas, and vibrant cities. open world stunning free Android racing game, free cost, drive your favorite racing car which is available in Forza Horizon game.

Rally horizon covered the natural environment, you can drive on a wide range of roads, and even you can use off-road when uncontrolled steering.

In each mode, you will drive to various amazing locations, while increasing the level you can most dangerous and pleasant roads. game graphic creates a real-time experience. accept challenges and drive off the road or jump, crash another vehicle beat your race, and win the race very energetically.

You can play from here. download.

To get this experience download the game now and play on your device. less MB, all mobiles support, 4.3 rating, 100 K installs. Rainy roads, snow roads, trees, cool atmosphere feeling, etc. you can feel like a real driving experience. you can customize your vehicle parts and machine. go to the tools section and select your favorite design and color and apply.

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