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iPhone 15 Series Plus, Pro max || Specifications || Price || Differences

iPhone 15 series is the 2023 latest technology IOS smartphone, 15 series pre-order bookings and sales started from September 22 2023, before upgrade or buy 15 series, know the variations between 14 pro max 15 series. This page gives short and briefly about iPhone 15 series details. If you don’t watch initial impression, check once from official apple store website.

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iPhone 15 Series Plus, Pro max || Differences Between 14 Prom max And 15 Series

In every iPhone new series we can see many new features, let see what are the major variations to between 14 and 15 series phones.

  • Initially, people look a mobile in all angles like weight, speed, protection, style, strength, technology, price etc.

We have to compare with 14 series high variant, so we are using iPhone 14 pro max in 14 series, present we have 15 Plus and 15 pro max.

Many mobile users initially check weight, materiel and durability,

  1. First Impression in 15 series is very small vessel.(vessel size shorten).
  2. iPhone 15 max pro Height 14.6mm, width 70.66,depth 8.25mm.
  3. iPhone 14 pro max 255 grams (Used stain less Steal), 15 pro max 220 grams, 30 grams difference.
  4. Titanium material used to build 15 pro max. titanium very strong and less weight, this another best features.
  5. Very easy to get damage of Back side glass.
  6. Lightning port replaced with type- c port.
  7. 20 Watt charging in both variant, no changes but enhanced data transfer speed better.
  8. Action button replaced in mute switch place, can do customisation in settings iPhone 15  pro max.
  9. Give a long press to turn on silent mode. options you can set.
  10. All type c cables supported included with power bank.
  11. 6 colour variants.


Main difference is processor, iPhone 15 pro max used Apple A17 pro processor, 3nm technology processor. we can imagine like small size CPU, High performance we can expect.

Supporting High console game.

BGMI and other normal games with improved graphics in iPhone 15 pro max.

15 and 15 pro max almost same, small changes in build material and focal length. in 15 pro max 5x zoom, 120 mm focal length option available.

In 15 only 3x zoom and less focal length.


iPhone pro:-

  1. 128 —- 1,34,900 rs
  2. 256 GB — 1,44,900 rs
  3. 512 GB —- 1,64,900 rs
  4. 1 TB —- 1,84,900 rs

iPhone Pro Max:-

  1. 256 GB — 1,59,900 rs
  2. 512 GB — 1,79,900 rs
  3. 1 TB —  1,99,900 rs

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