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Top #5 SURVIVAL Games for Android || HIGH GRAPHICS

Survival games with high graphics, interesting game play games filtered the top latest open world games. who are really seeking for best survival games for android, here is the games list. everybody can play on their mobile, try new category games instead of old categories, we are going to bring more top 5 various games, you can try when your entertainment levels come down. be friendly try best games to be relax in your day.

Variety category horror games

Best horror games for android

HIGH GRAPHICS Top 5 SURVIVAL Games for Android

This post can save your time to select while searching for best interesting survival games for android, first check these once, then you can try more, even low end device users can try these games pretty easily.


86 Mb game, low size but good graphics covered. survival game, almost open world game, survive and build your kingdom or place, from horrible situations, all skill will be used t play and survive, you can illustrate and compare to real life. look like little animation game, you can ride on dinosaur to check place to survival, take weapons through selecting, build what ever you wan to survive cleverly.


Click here


Ocean survival game, only 20 mb, pretty good graphics along with proper story, no way to confuse the game, you have to survive in the water, avoid threat from dolphins, and big water animals, wales, etc. you can have weapons, like gun some other kind, now to you survive, just smash them and continue your moves til reach the levels, every where we see levels either in normal life or game life. so consider every steps as important and complete games joyfully.



113 Mb size survival game. good graphics maintained even when the game low size, your goal is surive from the horrible situation, when you dont know attracts, you have to be careful and build safe place, ou have fight with animals, to survive in night times. be brave, play with little attention.

survival games fro android


133 b size game, available play store, build house using forest wood, survive using surrounding things.pretty entertainment having games, s o try all games or try one by one.
install from here


131 Mb size.

get the game 

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